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This is the second entry in my London Foodie 5 series where I ask some of my favorite Food bloggers 5 questions about where to eat in London.  I’ll use their answers to form my London Eatinerary.


Tom of TomEatsJenCooks is a Londoner who is currently living in Hong Kong. In addition to having a wealth of knowledge of where to eat in London, he was kind enough to help out with an entry in the Hong Kong Foodie 5 a few months ago. Also helpful is the fact that Tom seems to like the same kind of real food that I’m seeking out with these somewhat unusual food questions.

Jen, who cooks, I don’t know as well except that it’s very cool that she’s worked on some food related TV shows that I’ve actually watched. She also wrote about her experience trying out life in the kitchen of a restaurant which is well worth the read.

According to their About Us page “If you like opinionated views about restaurants in London and Hong Kong and fusiony Asian recipes you’ll probably stay”. I would add that if you like amazing food photography you will most likely also stick around! You can find both on Twitter @TomEatsJenCooks.

All the following links go to reviews from their website.

1. What is your favorite spot for a proper full English breakfast?

Favourite spot in London is a place called the Regency Cafe. It is a traditional English caff. By which I mean it is run by Italians, serves greasy unhealthy and delicious food and resolutely does not cater for foodies. Watch out for the guy behind the till. He is known as “The Voice”. You will see what I mean when you get there.
The Regency Cafe is especially good as the interiors are art deco and beautiful. Well worth a visit.

2. Where is a good place for traditional non-gastro pub food (especially fish and chips)?

There are two types of fish and chips. Classy, upmarket chi chi places or the traditional places cab drivers go to. I have a bit of a penchant for the dirty variety. A couple of classics are the Fryers Delight in Holborn and Masters Fish n Chips in Waterloo. Both are as much about the downheel and local experience as the food. A bit of a classier version of that is Kennedys on Goswell Road in the City of London. Still frequented by cab drivers but a bit better quality.
PS a lot of the top tip places are so tourist heavy any of the atmosphere has gone. The places I’ve recommended will be just you and locals.

3. Where do locals go for a curry?

A harder question that you would realise this one. The UK is very famous for its curries but most of the ones in London are of better than average quality but not great. This suffices for most people. Places where you can get a “local” curry with better cooking can be very popular. The one everyone will mention is New Tayyabs in Whitechapel which does good Pakistani grilled meats. You will have to queue like crazy. Hot Stuff in Stockwell is good and you could have a drink at the Canton arms (a great gastropub) before and after!

4. Where is a good place to get late night desserts?

London doesn’t have a massive scene for this but newly opened Pollen Street Social does have a dessert bar. Or gelupo does ice cream (not sure how late it is open). The real dessert is alcohol. Try the Gunmakers for a proper world class English pint.

5. Can you suggest any must-try English dishes for visitors?

Fry up (Regency Cafe), cream tea (Palm Court), roast (Launceston Place)

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