Black Bear in My Swimming Pool

It seems obvious to say that the best travel photos are taken while you are on vacation; however, on my current trip to London it is possible that travel photos were actually taken back home.

Spring and summer have been unusually wet this year in Vancouver. I suspect that has reduced the number of plants and berries available for wildlife because we’ve had more than our normal number of black bear sightings on the North Shore. Just last week the North Shore News ran and article about a woman who had a bear invade her kitchen to steal some peanut butter.

To my surprise, while shopping on Oxford Street my phone beeped indicating that someone had left a message on my Facebook wall. A good friend of mine had posted some photos and mentioned that I might want to know that someone was using my pool while I was away. I feared that some kids may have jumped the fence only to find out the hard way that the pool wasn’t heated.

Upon opening Facebook, I found the following pictures taken by my next door nerighbor.

Black Bear in North Shore Swimming Pool

Yes, that’s a black bear taking a dip in the pool. They also took another shot of the bear hoping out of the hot tub.

Black Bear in North Shore Hot Tub

It’s good to know that the people taking care of my house are on top of things back home!

These photos have been posted to Travel Photo Thursday, a weekly collection of travel photos hosted by Budget Traveler’s Sandbox. Check it out to see more great photos!

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