Citywide Buffet: Price Increase For Buffet of Buffets

A few weeks ago we told you about a deal from the Harrahs group in Las Vegas where you could get a 24 hour buffet pass to a number of their buffets  for just $29.99. That was a pretty good deal, since the going rate for a dinner buffet alone is in the mid 20’s.

Click for full sized image at Vegas Chatter

Click for full sized image at Vegas Chatter

It seems that $29.99 for the Citywide Buffet of Buffets was a little too good, and Harrahs has raised the prices. According to the Harrahs Buffet FAQ (I love that they have a FAQ for buffets!) the price is now $34.99 for Total Rewards members and $39.99 for non-members. Update December 2011: The price is now $44.99 for members and $49.99 for people who can’t be bothered to sign up for a free membership.

The funny thing is that they still have some of the old $29.99 signage up. According to Vegas Chatter, if you can show them an ad with the old price you can still qualify for the old pricing. Apparently even showing the picture on the right will qualify (I’m assuming that’s valid until they get that sign down). Click on the image to get to the full story and a larger sized version of the picture at Vegas Chatter.

Even with the new prices, it’s still not too bad a deal, especially when you consider that it’s free to join total rewards.

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