Citywide Buffet: When One Vegas Buffet Just Isn’t Enough

Las Vegas Buffet


Via Vegas Chatter and the Harrahs Las Vegas Blog: Harrahs launches 24 hour pass for all of the buffets in their Casinos. Buffets include those at Paris, Rio, Imperial Palace, Caesars, Planet Hollywood and more.

It’s called the Citywide Buffet Deal and starting on April 12th you can pay $29.99 to eat your way across Sin City.

OK, as gross as that sounds at first, $29.99 is a very good price if you have any sort of  discipline or self control. The Le Village Buffet at Paris normally charges $24.99 for Dinner/Brunch, $17.99 for lunch and $15.99 for brekkie. 

You’ll also have to time your meals to avoid long lineups. Now if only Harrahs would stop being so cheap with the comps and freebies for average gamblers. 5 years ago anyone with a player’s card could get a line pass for Le Village Buffet at Paris just by asking a pit boss. My understanding was that they wanted their customers to spend more time at the tables and less time in the buffet line. Now you have to have Platinum status. Go figure.

As a moderate level player I’ve now dropped my chain loyalty (buh bye Paris and Bally’s) and I don’t even bother with player’s cards anymore.

Updated 14 April 2010: Vegas Chatter took one of these for a test drive and it looks like you can pick them up at any of the buffets. The pass can be had in card form or as a wristband. Vegas Chatter liked the wristband and called it the “buffet of buffets badge of shame”. You can also have linked to your total rewards player’s card, assuming that you haven’t dropped that program.

Updated 29 April 2010: Harrah’s has increased the price on the the Citywide Buffet!

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