Visiting Victoria Peak Hong Kong

When your family is from Hong Kong trips there typically involve a lot of visiting relatives, drinking tea, and eating out. You don’t usually get to act like a tourist in the city but on my last trip to Hong Kong I managed to sneak away for an afternoon to check out Victoria peak and shoot some photos.

Victoria Peak Lion Hong Kong

Victoria Peak is famous for its views of Hong Kong Harbour. It has been popular with visitors since the mid-1800’s and officially became a tourist destination with the construction of the Peak Tram in 1888. As a child I remember my Dad taking me on a bus tour up to Victoria peak but they turned around half way up the hill due to low cloud cover. Heading up to the peak by tram is fairly easy as it leaves right from Hong Kong’s Central district.

Note reflection of iconic HSBC tower

Once you arrive at the tram you’ll typically have to wait in a fairly long line to get tickets. As with most places in Hong Kong, you can use your Octopus Card to pay for your ticket just as you would for the MTS subway system. For an extra HK$25 [] you can get access to a city viewing platform at the top of the Peak Tower. The waiting area for the tram has many historical artifacts that tell the story of the tram. The tram ride itself lasts about 5 minutes with a elevation gain of 368 meters [Wikipedia].

Victoria Peak Tram Hong Kong

Having decided against paying extra for the viewing platform, I managed to find a couple of free places where you could get some nice shots of the city and harbour. It was a fairly hazy day so I didn’t get a lot of great shots, although I do like the one at the top of this page with the lion. I also got this shot of a unique warning sign. The stick man looks genuinely freaked out so I made sure to mind the step!

Mind The Step

There is a nice walking trail leaving from the peak tower where I got some other neat shots including this one where people had carved messages into some bamboo.

Victoria Peak Bamboo Graffiti Hong Kong

While waiting for the trip back I got to peek into the peak tram control room.

Victoria Peak Tram Control Room Hong Kong

I was lucky enough to grab a standing room spot right at the front of the tram for the ride down. At some points the tram runs up/down a 27 degree gradient, although it looks and feels more like 45!

Peak Tram Hill Dropoff Hong Kong

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16 thoughts on “Visiting Victoria Peak Hong Kong

    • The best thing about Hong Kong is that it is full of surprises! You really never know what you will find around the corner or at the end of a bus route.

  1. I love the bottom photo – it gives you a real sense of just how steep the track is. I hear there’s excellent hiking in Hong Kong too though so far I’ve only managed the airport.

    • There airport is quite nice too! There are a lot of outdoor activities very close to the city and I’ve never done any of that either! Next time….

  2. Your post came at a good time – I am reading everything I can on Hong Kong. We will be there in July/August. And really looking forward to it. I will make sure that I take notes from your site and visit the places you recommend.

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