Travel Photo Thursday: MGM Grand Adventures Las Vegas

In honor of St Patrick’s Day I decided to go green for Travel Photo Thursday and tapped into the way-back folders to look for some emeralds. Be sure to check Budget Traveler’s Sandbox for more pictures including a nice shot of a Shinto Gate on Miyajima Island in Japan. 

The picture below was taken back in 1997 when when what happened in Vegas was families. They were trying to tap into the family crowd and even built a full theme park behind the MGM Grand. They must have realized that the theme parks were keeping people off the casino floor because the theme park didn’t last long.

MGM Grand Adventures Theme Park

This was one of my first successful photos shot without using full automatic mode. I bought my first SLR back in 1996 and at the time the only manual setting that I understood was shutter speed. I killed many rolls of film by taking multiple shots of the same thing, but I don’t think I really learned anything until I went digital around 2005. I’ll bet the histogram would have been terrible on this, but at the time this was one of my favorites. I even converted it to digital by scanning the negatives!

Manhattan Express at NYNY Las Vegas

This is one of my absolute favorite roller coasters. I’m a coaster enthusiast and I prefer the older sit-in coasters to the newer standing or hanging style. The Manhattan Express coaster at New York New York in Las Vegas has a huge first drop, great pacing, and what they call a heart-line spin where you start on top the the track, spin upside down, and then immediately do an upside-down half loop before ending up on top of the tracks again. So good.

Lady Liberty at NYNY Las Vegas

Lady Liberty in front of the New York New York casino. Another experiment with shutter speed, and a little more green.

11 thoughts on “Travel Photo Thursday: MGM Grand Adventures Las Vegas

  1. Green for St Patricks day! Love how you have captured the green in your photos. Roller coasters are my worst nightmare! Next time I am faced with the prospect of having to go on one, I will remember to call you.

    • You got 2 birds with 1 stone – green and Japan. I wanted to post my Japan pics but for some reason I didn’t take many shots of the city. I didn’t think the Tokyo Disney and Sanrio Puroland pics suited how I feel for Japan rght now 🙁

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