Travel Photo Thursday: London Street Signs

After last week’s admission that I love to take pictures of people taking pictures [], I am following up with yet another confession. I love taking pictures of street signs. Sign pictures are like exposition in a movie. They tell the story without you having to tell the story. Maybe it’s just lazy photography. Okay, I admit that it’s just plain lazy photography but there are bright colours and professionally designed graphics. Street signs are like a photo sugar high to me.

Plus, if you get really lucky you can find some adulterated signs such as:

Do Not Enter Except Cycles and Men Carrying Boards

This photo was submitted to Travel Photo Thursday [], a weekly collection of travel photos hosted by Budget Traveler’s Sandbox. Check it out to see a great selection of travel photos from all over the world.

Bonus photos below. As I alluded to above, they’re all pretty self explanatory:

London No Loading at Any Time Sign

London Left Arrow Sign And Double Decker Bus

London The City Sign

London Congestion Zone Ends Sign


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