Planning a Trip to Northern Italy

Grand Canal Venice

An Afternoon in Venice

For our 10th wedding anniversary we’re planning a 2 week trip to northern Italy without our kids. We had kids when we were pretty young so we had to watch enviously while our friends backpacked across Europe and went on African safaris. “Don’t worry, we’ll travel when the kids are older and we have enough money enjoy ourselves”, we dreamed. To all our friends who are just embarking on their diaper days I stick my tongue out in your direction.

This trip is one of two that I’ve been waiting for since we went on a Mediterranean Cruise with the grandparents and our oldest kid a few years ago. Mediterranean cruises are the tasting menus of southern Europe. We had half days in Ville-franche, Florence, Rome, Capri, and Palermo. Each stop was just long enough to give us an idea of what we wanted to go back to see in more detail. The verdict: South of France and North of Italy.

We will fly from Vancouver into London and visit some good friends there for a few days. After that we’re looking at Venice, Bologna, and Florence followed by few days in the countryside and a flight back to London out of Pisa. The Vancouver-London flights are booked and the rest is still being worked out. Stay tuned!

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  1. point taken…. weeping for the good ‘ol traveling days as I wait for the next soiled diaper – travelling backpack… oh how I miss you so…

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