Must See Travel TV: Departures Season 3 Media Clips Released

My favorite travel TV show Departures has just released clips of season 3 episodes on their website. If Departures doesn’t air where you are from, or if you still haven’t taken my advice and started watching this show make sure to check it out. So far this year they’ve gone to Russia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Equador, and Ethiopia.

In Russia they visit a guy who refused to leave Chernobyl and drink a lot of Vodka with their new friend Bogdan. Personally, I love the episodes where they are hooked up with a local to show them around. Their “guides” are not actually tour guides, but rather actual friends or friends of people they’ve met on their travels. It really goes to show you that the best way to travel is to get out and meet people, then do what the locals do.

I also really enjoyed their episodes in Papua New Guinea. Apparently Scott is a real war history buff and he gets the opportunity to seriously geek out about getting his hands on the remains of some old WWII Japanese fighter planes. I found all of those scenes incredibly moving.

Have I told you to check this show out yet? Oh I have? Well have you done it yet? Go now. 10pm Saturdays on OLN in Canada. It probably airs in a better time slot elsewhere.

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