Travel Photo Thursday: Leadenhall Market London

On my recent London trip I signed up for a phography tour by Hairy Goat Photography []. The 3 hour walking tour was lead by a professional photographer who took us to a bunch of great sites including the Leadenhall Market.

Lamps at Leanedhall Market London

Leadenhall Market is a beautiful covered market in the City of London. Dating back to the 14 century, the market sells primarily fresh and cooked food. It sits in the centre of the original Roman settlement of London and was recently featured as part of Diagon Alley and the Leaky Cauldron in the Harry Potter movies [].

Leadenhall Market London

This post was submitted to Travel Photo Thursday [], a weekly collection of travel photos hosted by Budget Traveler’s Sandbox. Be sure to check it out to see more great photos. Bonus pictures below:

Interesting Vents at Leadenhall Market London


Reflection of Ceiling in Puddle at Leadenhall Market

To see more pictures from my photography tour be sure to check out my post on Hairy Goat Photography Tours []!


19 thoughts on “Travel Photo Thursday: Leadenhall Market London

  1. London sure does have charm with so many examples of great Victorian Architecture. That photographer gave you some great tips on perspective!

    • Thanks! Chiang Mai seems to have some good buzz on Twitter these days. I’d never considered it before but not I’ll have to look into it, especially if they have photo tours!

    • It was really cool! Soon I’ll renew my Flicker account and upload all of the other pictures from the tour. Steve made sure to take us to some places that we probably wouldn’t find on our own.

  2. A photography tour sounds like such a great way to see a city and going with a professional photographer I’m sure you would notice things you might by yourself. I really like the detail in your photos.

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