Travel Photo Thursday: Ride the BC Ferries

The idea of a staycation isn’t so bad when you live in a place like Vancouver. While I’m guilty of not appreciating my own backyard nearly as much as I should, I never tire of taking a ride on our local ferry system from Vancouver to Victoria.

View From the Car Deck on a BC Ferry

The British Columbia Ferry Service []around Vancouver is controversial because they market themselves as a high quality service. The cost to go from Vancouver to Victoria for a family of 4 with a car is over $100. The general feeling is that the ferries are over priced, and they are when you compare them to a similar system in neighboring Washington State; however,  for what we pay we get to ride on nearly brand new ships with multiple food options, arcades, gift shops, and on-deck educational programs delivered by naturalists [].

BC Ferry dock at Tswassen

Every time that the cost of the ferries or the pay of the ferry executives comes up you hear nothing but bad things about the ships, the schedule, and especially the food. This is how I know that I lived in a very privileged part of the world. I often wonder if any of these people have ever been on ferries in other places before. While the food isn’t quite gourmet, it’s better than you would find in almost every cafeteria on land.

BC Ferry Smokestack

This is not to say that I don’t think it would be better if we had a lower cost option to get to Victoria. There are times when I have wanted to visit Victoria but have decided that the ferry fares are too high and instead just drove to Seattle for a weekend getaway. All I’m saying is that for the money we spend, we get to ride on nice ships with good amenities, and pretty decent service. Just look at these views!

Spirit Class BC FerryBC Ferry ViewAnother BC Ferry View

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12 thoughts on “Travel Photo Thursday: Ride the BC Ferries

  1. I never get sick of a trip on the BC ferries – in all types of weather. I also like the fact I haveth better part of 90 minutes to sit & relax – a real treat in this day & age.

  2. Riding the ferries back and forth to the island is definitely one of my favorite things to do. At least on those occasions when they remember to stop for the dock at the other end. Those trips aren’t quite as much fun.

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