Travel Photo Thursday: Ocean Park Pandas

I haven’t had a lot of time and enthusiasm for updating the blog since I got back from Hong Kong, but thank goodness for Travel Photo Thursday keeping me engaged at least once a week!

Still reaching into the riches of photos from that Hong Kong trip, these photos were taken using my HTC Desire Z smartphone camera. I normally don’t really like the photo filter apps that come with smartphones, but when I saw the pandas I knew that sepia was the way to go. I used ActionSnap, a little Android App to take this shot.

Ocean Park Panda ActionSnap

Ocean Park has a number of Pandas on display in two different exhibits in the park. The enclosures are a little more zoo-like than I’d prefer but I believe that Pandas, more than most other animals, are generally pretty happy as long as they’re fed.

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Ocean Park Panda ActionSnap

One more bonus pic below.

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