Travel Photo Thursday: Hong Kong Cross Harbour Tunnel

Opened in 1972, the Cross Harbour Tunnel allowed the first road to run between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Prior to that all traffic to and from the main financial centre of Hong Kong had to go by ferry. On my way back from the Hong Kong Museum of History [] I headed towards the Hung Hom MTR station which included an elevated walkway providing a unique view of the Kowloon tunnel entrance.

Hong Kong Cross Harbour Tunnel Kowloon Entrance

I like how you can just see Hong Kong Island above the tunnel sign, and that from this angle the buildings look as tall as the mountains. I also took another shot that included one of the raised toll signs.

Exact Payment Sign Hong Kong Cross Harbour Tunnel

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17 thoughts on “Travel Photo Thursday: Hong Kong Cross Harbour Tunnel

    • I’ve driven at least one of the NY-NJ tunnels but I made the drive at night so I didn’t catch the view. I’ll be sure to look for that if I get back to New Jersey!

  1. I just got back from Hong Kong and while I was there I only use MTR and Star Ferry. Taxi can’t get my money. LOL And using a bus is a little too hectic for a first timer and a solo traveler like me.

    But I wonder, how did you manage to take that second photo? That’s very weird angle. (-_-?) It looks great but it’s also weird.

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