Travel Photo Thursday: Downtown Vancouver by Seabus

The past weekend I went to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. Now that we have rapid transit to the airport via the Canada Line nearly all of my solo flights start at Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver with a ride on Vancouver’s SeaBus. Carrying my new Swissgear Sling camera bag, when I saw the downtown Vancouver skyline nicely framed by the Seabus window I was able to get the shot.

 Downtown Vancouver by Seabus

This is my contribution to Travel Photo Thursday, a weekly compilation of photos posted by travel bloggers around the world and hosted by Budget Traveler’s Sandbox.

As I went for a bachelor party I didn’t take many pictures in Vegas and the ones that I did take all seem to be a little off. I’ve now learned that Jack Daniels is not a very good photographer. Here are some bonus shots that I got before getting to Sin City:

Quantas A380 at LAX

I was taking the shuttle bus between terminals at LAX and saw these nice Quantas planes on the tarmac. It wasn’t until I got closer that I realized that they were the A380s. I’d never seen the double deckers in person so I flipped out my camera and got a few shots off. I think the other passengers on the bus thought I was strange.

American Airlines Wingtip at Sunset

As we approached Nevada there was a beautiful sunset that I got lots of great shots of. I like the way that the wingtip caught the light on this one. It’s pretty smart of American Airlines to put an advert there! A little reflection and glare from the double plastic windows, but still nice and warm.

8 thoughts on “Travel Photo Thursday: Downtown Vancouver by Seabus

  1. Great shots! It’s great that you have a quick link to the airport. My flight get into Halifax at 2am in the morning and I’m not looking forward to the long taxi ride to the city. Here in Korea there is now an airport fast train from Seoul Station, but not my city. Hopefully, one of these days it will happen.

    Thanks for another great week of Travel Photo Thursday

    • Yes, the Canada Line may be the greatest legacy we have from the 2010 Winter Olympics. I rarely have to drive people all the way to the airport anymore!

  2. I didn’t realize that you lived quite so close – I’m just over in West Vancouver. Always love taking the seabus and it sure is easy now to get to YVR. Love the bottom shot too.

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