Travel Photo Thursday: Coho Ferry Victoria to Port Angeles

Continuing from our theme of photos taken on trips to satisfy Mrs A|T’s teenie vampire obsession, this week’s pictures are of the Coho Ferry that runs between Victoria, British Columbia and Port Angeles, Washington State.

Any Twilight fans out there will know that the novels are based in Forks, Washington, a very remote and very small town on the very north-west corner of the non-detached US. Vancouver based Twi-hards can get their sparkle on either by driving south to Seattle and u-turning back up the Olympic Peninsula, or they can ferry over to Victoria, hop on the Coho Ferry to Port Angeles, and make a relatively short drive on to Forks.We decided to travel via Victoria to sample some of the amazing food culture emerging there.

The Coho Ferry has been making the run between Canada and the United States since 1959 and leaves from the heart of the tourist area in Victoria. To take the ferry you drive into their vehicle holding area and then walk up to the US customs desk which is located in a little shack near the ferry terminal. Once they’ve cleared you they give you a slip of paper to post on your windshield so that the ferry workers know that you’re cleared to go. US Customs then walks up and down the rows of cars to check for suspicious characters – thanks in large part to the Millennium bomber who was caught trying to bring explosives into the US on this very boat.

Coho Ferry Victoria Port Angeles

This photo is my contribution to Travel Photo Thursday, a weekly listing of travel photos posted by bloggers from around the world by Budget Traveler’s Sandbox. Please check it out to see some really amazing images!

Bonus pictures:

Vehicle Compartment Coho Ferry

Unlike many modern ferries that load vehicles from the front and/or back, the Coho loads cars in from the side.

Fairmont Empress Hotel as seen from Coho Ferry

The above is a shot of the Fairmont Empress Hotel in Victoria harbour taken from the deck of the Coho after boarding. Completed in 1908, the hotel is beautiful but very creepy at night. When staying there for business I always seem to get rooms deep in the back of the hotel. Portaits of unknown people stare at you while you walk the long, lonely, silent corridors that require multiple turns to navigate the additional wings added on to the original building.

Name Plaque from the Coho Ferry

Just so you know where you are.

Coho Ferry leaving Port Angeles

A little hard to see because I didn’t see this shot until the ship was pretty far away, here you can see the Coho heading back to Victoria.

14 thoughts on “Travel Photo Thursday: Coho Ferry Victoria to Port Angeles

  1. That’s a cute boat and a very nice story to go along with it. Interesting port of entry for the Millennium bomber. You had a perfect day on that crossing.

  2. I’ve never seen a ferry that loads cars from the side either. I’m sure it must be a beautiful ride. I know that around Vancouver Island is gorgeous, but haven’t taken a ferry into Washington State.

  3. Side loading – what a strange concept. Because we have travelled by ferry quite a bit the idea that you would load a car from the side doesn’t seem logical. It must work otherwise they wouldn’t continue the ferry service. I love the last photo, the colour and composition have a ‘romantic’ feel.

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