Travel Photo Thursday: Causeway Bay Hong Kong

Causeway Bay is one of the premiere shopping districts in one of the premiere shopping cities of the world. During the day it is bustling with people stopping by to pick up the latest fashions by the biggest and smallest designers and brands. One of the coolest things about Causeway Bay, though, is that it’s not pretentious. Around the corner from the high-end designer flagship store is a little noodle shop selling steaming bowls of goodness for the equivalent of a few dollars.

Mini Busses in Causeway Bay Hong Kong

This is a shot of some Hong Kong Mini Busses lined up along a back street in Causeway Bay. This isn’t one of the bus stops, so I’m not sure what they’re waiting here for, but I thought it was a cool shot.

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Street Food Vendor in Causeway Bay Hong Kong

A street food vendor preparing snacks for hungry shoppers.

Street Food in Causeway Bay Hong Kong

Miscellaneous griddled meats and stir fried veggies stuffed with fishcake.

Chopsticks and Sauce

Chopsticks and sauce from a little tofu shop that sells fried tofu, dessert tofu, and soy milk drinks.

Cleanup Supplies for the Nightime Cleaning Crew in Causeway Bay

Cleanup supplies ready for the nighttime cleanup crews.

Taxi Stand in Causeway Bay Hong Kong

A late night line of taxis at the taxi stand waiting to take people home.

13 thoughts on “Travel Photo Thursday: Causeway Bay Hong Kong

  1. The food looks really good. I wouldn’t have expected to see street food beside a high end shopping district either. Maybe – only in HongKong???

    • Maybe only Hong Kong – I agree. There is just the right mix of amazing shopping and immense supply of really good cheap food. There’s a noodle place with a Michelin star that sells bowls of Wonton soup for less that you’d pay in a North American mall food fair.

    • Thanks. The food is amazing. I was there for two weeks and only managed to try a small fraction of the things I wanted to eat. It was not for lack of effort, but rather because I was always already full from eating when I would walk past something else I wanted to try!

  2. Superb shots! I love Causeway Bay. The first time I went to HK I stayed there. Along with the great shopping and food I found some cool temples.

    Thanks for posting to Travel Photo Thursday.

    • Staying near Causeway Bay is nice because there are fewer tourist traps than they have in Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon. I didn’t see the cool temples, though. Maybe next time!

    • Thanks! We were rushing to a restaurant and I just happened to look back and the line of busses and snapped a quick picture. I was pretty happy with how it turned out!

    • There will be lots more coming. I really loved this trip to Hong Kong too. It’s made my list place to buy a home in when I become insanely rich one day!

    • The mix of stores is pretty unbelievable. The contrast is even greater in the Central district where right between ultra high-end stores and business towers you will find small streets of tiny independant shops and food carts with tables and chairs on the street.

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