Travel Photo Thursday: Air North 737-200 Thrust Reverser

On my trip to Whitehorse last year on Air North I flew behind the wing of one of their Boeing 737-200’s. During the flight I noticed that the engine exhaust had a pretty cool 1950’s futuristic tail fin look. What I didn’t realize until landing was that they looked like that because of the thrust reversers that flip down into the path of the jet engine exhaust to redirect the engine thrust. While these are typically used to aid in deceleration after landing, apparently a 727 could actually be backed-up on a nice smooth tarmac using these if required!

Air North 737-200 Thrust Reverser Deployed

This is what the engine looked like in the air without the reversers engaged:

Air North 737-200 Engine

These photos have been submitted as part of Travel Photo Thursday, a weekly event hosted by Budget Traveler’s Sandbox. Be sure to check it out to see some great travel photos posted by other bloggers!

Bonus shot of the plane at one of YVR’s older and more remote domestic gates:

Air North 737-200

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