The Avengers Assemble in Causeway Bay Hong Kong

The theme for Friday Daydreamin’ this week is Halloween and it made me think about what will probably be some of the more popular costumes this year:
Avengers Statuettes in Causeway Bay Hong Kong

Yes, those are  Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor in statue form. These giant bobble-head statues were on display in front of one of the malls in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong’s main shopping district.

Avengers Statues in Causeway Bay Hong Kong

These guys were there in the spring of 2012 to promote the movie. A lot of times you’ll see cool displays like this that you won’t find anywhere else in the world which makes a night time walk around Causeway Bay a must when visiting Hong Kong []. The statues are each about 3 feet tall and are giant Cosbabies [], which are large headed versions of normal collectible fan memorabilia.

Marvel Avengers Assemble in Causeway Bay Hong Kong

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3 thoughts on “The Avengers Assemble in Causeway Bay Hong Kong

  1. Since I haven’t seen the movie myself, it’s a good thing you alerted me to these potential characters knocking on my door on Halloween night so I’ll know who they are! Cute! 🙂

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