Taking the MTR Train to Hong Kong Disneyland

Whoever decided to put Hong Kong Disneyland and the new Hong Kong International Airport on the same island is brilliant. The result of this little nugget of transportation planning means that making the trip from downtown Hong Kong to the House of the Mouse could hardly be easier. The trip to Lantau Island takes a little over 30 minutes [mtr.com.hk], which is about the same amount of time it would take to drive or take a cab and costs $24.50 hkd for adults and $12.50 hdk for concession (rates even lower if you use an Octopus card).

Hong Kong MTR Sign to Disneyland

Just like getting to the airport, people planning to take public transit to Disneyland can head towards the Central MTR station on Hong Kong Island. Once at Central you follow the signs to the Tung Chung train line and on the way you can even stop to buy your Disney passes at an official Disney ticket booth. One quirk that I found is that if you use another MTR line to get to Central station you actually have to leave the fare paid zone to get to the ticket booth and then re-enter. If you get to Central MTR by taxi I believe that the ticket booth is on the way in. Once you have your tickets you can hop on the train to the Sunny Bay Station where you will transfer to the Disneyland Train.

Hong Kong Tung Chung Line Station Map

After arriving at Sunny bay you can cross the platform and wait for the Disneyland Resort Line. It’s pretty hard to miss the train once you see it:

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Line MTR Train

After a very short hop from Sunny Bay you arrive at the nicely themed Disneyland Resort MTR station. From there you take the escallator up to the plaza and you are steps away from Hong Kong Disneyland.

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort MTR Station Platform

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort MTR Station

The trains run from 6:15am to 12:45am the next day so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting to where you’re going. If for some reason you miss the last train out, or if you’d prefer to cab, it costs around $300 hkd for a cab from Disneyland back to Hong Kong Island once you include bridge and tunnel tolls.

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  1. Coolest trains ever! What a fantastic system to get around in. This might be able to cure my kids of their train phobia after a week on the NY subway system.

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