Saving Money on Disney Merchandise

Another Wednesday means another chance to go through my collection of Disney related photos for Disney Wordless Wednesday. The theme this week is Mickey, the big cheese himself. While I have surprisingly few pictures of the main mouse, I do have a lot of Disney merchandise photos.

We learned a long time ago that it is a bad idea to buy every cute collectible souvenir that you come across. In order to save a little lot of money and to cut down on closet clutter we have started to act like nature photographers by taking only pictures and leaving only footsteps. And by footsteps I mean thousands of dollars in ticket, food, and accommodation costs so I don’t feel guilty about limiting our toy spend.

Looking around our computer desk I can see a Piglet pen, Pooh bear paper clips, and a Chip and Dale sportsac-like bag that all belong to Mrs Average Traveller so one of us is not so good at sticking to this rule. To be honest, I’m guilty of buying Disney t-shirts and hoodies but you have to wear clothes anyways, right? We also let the kids pick a souvenir or two as long as everything fits in their suitcases. Before the point is completely lost here are a few examples of Mickey items that we actually managed to stop ourselves from buying:

Mickey and Minnie Bobbleheads Modern Mickey Plushy

Mickey and Minnie Candy Tube Toppers

Donald and Mickey Mugs

Empress Minnie and Emperor Mickey Gold Statuettes

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