Photos From LOST Set Locations in Hawaii

In honor of the 4th to last ever episode of LOST which airs tonight, Average Traveller presents some photos of the LOST set locations.  These photos were taken last month by my brother Adrian on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii. Unfortunately now that the show is almost over these sets are likely to be torn down soon. If you are a LOST fan you should head out to Oahu soon to see some of these temporary sets.


One of the cool things about Hawaii is the fact that all beaches are public (although some access routes are a little less public!) so the sets where ABC shot LOST are easily accessible. Some sets are set just back from the beach and are private properly, but can be viewed from the public beach. Of course I’ve geotagged some of the photos using Flickr so you can view them on the map below.

View Lost Sets Geotagged in a larger map

More photos [update 6 May 2010: plus some video] after the jump —>

LostLake   EkoChurch   BeachCamp3   BeachCamp2   BeachCamp1   Ajira2    Ajira3