Photo of the Week: Waikiki Calm Before the Storm

This picture was taken in August of 2009 from the Sheraton Waikiki on the evening before Hurricane Felicia was expected to hit the islands.

Waikiki Before Hurricane Felicia August 2009

Update June 2, 2011: This photo was submitted as part of Budget Traveler’s Sandbox Travel Photo Thursday.

10 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Waikiki Calm Before the Storm

    • So lucky! Expecting loads of photos and stories! Have a great trip! Oh, and sorry for the delayed approve. I saved your comment out of the Spam folder.

    • Actually the hurricane ended up being a bit of a bust. The biggest threat ended up being getting sand in your eye. I was hoping to see a little wild weather, but the winds only ever got to the slightly uncomfortable level. Probably for the best, though!

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