More All You Can Eat: Cedar Fair Unlimited Coaster Pass!

Gadling brings news that Cedar Fair is offering a $160 Platinum Pass for all 17 of their coaster parks across North America! Parks include Cedar Point & Kings Island in Ohio, Knotts Berry Farm in California, and Canada’s Wonderland in Ontario.

I haven’t made it out to Cedar Point in Ohio yet, but it’s high on my list of todos.

I know that neither of these are Cedar Fair rides, but I couldn’t write a coaster post and not include video of my 2 favorite coasters of all time: Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain (Wally World!) and Manhattan Express at the New York New York Hotel and Casino in Vegas.

I prefer the classic sit down coaster, and you can’t beat Viper’s 140′ loop or the Manhattan Express heartline roll and dive!

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