Mickey and Minnie: A Love Story?

It’s always interesting when you dig back into the past to see how the world worked way back when. Mickey Mouse is old enough to have grown up in a different era, and in many cases he got away with things that a modern mouse wouldn’t be able to. Case in point, in Minnie Mouse’s first ever cartoon appearance Mickey harasses Minnie for a kiss and forcibly steals one before he’s slapped and left to crash his plane.



Mickey wouldn’t get away with that today but then today he wouldn’t have to try. After getting a smooch from Minnie in the Hong Kong Disneyland parade he actually looks a little embarrassed. That’s not the old Mickey!

Mickey and Minnie Kiss at Hong Kong Disneyland

Mickey Embarassed at Hong Kong Disneyland

I was pretty surprised at the kiss as I’d never seen it in either of the North American parks. I wonder if they feel more free in Asia, and if so what do they get up to in France?!

Happy almost Valentine’s day everyone. This post was shared with Wordless Wednesday hosted by Focused on the Magic. Even though I’m terrible at staying wordless, many of the others in the blog hop are better at it than I am.

19 thoughts on “Mickey and Minnie: A Love Story?

  1. I’ve seen them give each other a quick peck a few times as well. Mickey sure has changed his ways from the 1920’s though. Probably a good thing. Those California common-law judgements would kill him these days.

    • It looked like Minnie was pretty much taking charge in these shots so it maybe the giant yellow high heel shoe is on the other foot now?

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