Magnificent Monday: Flowers at Pike Place Market

This post is part of Magnificent Mondays [] hosted by Holes in My Soles. This week’s theme is flowers and while I don’t oten take floral shots, I happened to snap a couple of pictures while visiting Pike Place Market in Seattle last week.

Dried Flowers at Pike Place Market

  Flowers at Pike Place Market

After the Space Needle, Pike Place Market [] is probably Seattle’s second most iconic tourist location. Located only a few blocks away from the shopping district, the main floor of Pike Place Market primarily offers flowers, seafood, produce, and handmade goods from a number of long time vendors.

Pike Place Market

The most famous vendor at the market is probably Pike Place Fish [], famous for having staff literally throw fish over the display cases to catchers behind the counters who then weigh and wrap the goods. In and around the market are also some great restaurants, bakeries, and the worlds very first Starbucks coffee shop where they still make espresso by hand.

Pike Place Market Stairs

  Below the main market are two floors of small permanent stores selling antiques, collectibles, and various oddities.

Pike Place Public Market Sign

For us, no visit to Pike Place Market is complete without picking up some dried fruit at Chukar Cherries [], deep fried chicken gizzards at Chicken Valley Farm Stores, and macaroons at Le Panier [].

As with most markets, the best time to visit is right at opening. At 8:30 in the morning you can see all of the stalls opening up and also beat the crowds. At this market it gets very busy by mid morning, but is still well worth the visit!

9 thoughts on “Magnificent Monday: Flowers at Pike Place Market

  1. I love visiting the flower markets wherever i can. So clolorful and vibrant, and especially as the big festivals approach and flowers are required for decorations.

  2. I love Pike Street Market. I spent a morning here a few years ago and had such a great time with the camera. The fish stall is excellent. I must go back through those photos one of these days.

  3. A very nice series of shots from this great market. This is also a really timely post for me, as I was there, photographing in the very same market just a few days ago. Seattle is such a wonderfully interesting destination!

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