How to: Dry a Shirt in a Hotel Room

On my very first morning in Waikiki we decide to make a run for Eggs N Things [], a popular breakfast spot right near the beach in the heart of tourist country. This place wasn’t on my list [] but in this case proximity won out. The line-up looked to be over an hour long already at 8am so we opted for take-out. On the way back to the hotel I managed to splash coffee down the front of the white shirt I was wearing. Of course.

Back at the hotel I give my shirt a shampoo bath in the sink but I can only wring out so much water. Since we’re changing hotels tomorrow I’d really like to get it as dry as possible so I reach back into the deep recesses of my poor memory and remember a trick. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend this with a nice dress shirt unless you’re desperate.

How to Dry a Shirt in a Hotel Room

After wringing out my shirt as much as I can, I then roll it up in a dry towel. I stepped on one end of the towel tube and then twisted the other end as much as I could. Once I unrolled the shirt the towel felt like it had done its job and absorbed about half of the water.

How to Dry a Shirt in a Hotel Room

A quick hang on the shower door and I hope to have a nice dry shirt my dinner time! I could probably speed this up just by ironing it, but I’m in Hawaii and ironing is a little too much like a work trip!

7 thoughts on “How to: Dry a Shirt in a Hotel Room

  1. Yep, I’ve done that. I learned that trick at camp, but I can’t imagine that I ever actually used it at camp. Camp was like Hawaii….you can’t do too much work. 🙂

  2. This is a trick I’ve used from time to time. Certainly helps when I’ve ended up wearing my meal (happens a lot) and extra clothes are at a premium.

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