Hong Kong Foodie 5: Life as a Bon Vivant

Life as a Bon Vivant Food Blog

This is the second installment of our Hong Kong Foodie 5 series where I posed 5 questions to my favorite Hong Kong Food bloggers about what and where to eat in Hong Kong.

Life as a Bon Vivant

Life as a Bon Vivant is another one of my favorite Hong Kong food blogs. Jason, a self-described Preppy Boy, seems to personify the Hong Kong lifestyle with a love for food, shopping, and photography.  Life as a Bon Vivant has been providing 100’s of reviews and photos of food joints all over Hong Kong since May of 2009. He also has some posts from Bangkok, Beijing, Macau, Shanghai, Tapei, London and Toronto. Wait… Toronto? Jason – you have to come to Vancouver to eat.

In addition to gorgeous photos, Jason gives honest opinions of food and service and lists likes, dislikes, and average meals costs per person. He also provides Google maps to help you find the restaurants.

You can also find Jason from Life as a Bon Vivant on Twitter @jasonbonvivant. Links in Jason’s responses go to OpenRice or one of his reviews. Oh, and I had to look up what an Egglette is.

1. What is the best place in HK for Noodles and BBQ?

You can head to Ho Hung Kee which is very close to Times Square. There are plenty of noodles places indeed so I assume you were talking about Wonton noodles right? Aside from that you may want to head to Tin Hau and try Sister Wah for some Beef Brisket.

2. Where should I go to grab a snack while Mrs A|T shops at Times Square?

Snack? Well there is a street food kiosk right across from Times Square. If you want to have a more comfortable break, head to Coffee Assembly Coffee Corridor across from Times Square for its coffee.

3. Where is the best late night Milk Tea place?

 This I need to find out too haha … 

4. Where is the best place in HK to go for dessert?

 I always ask visitor to give Riquiqui Dessert bar a try.

5. What is one thing (or more) that everyone coming to Hong Kong should eat?

  • Egg Tarts
  • Curry Fish balls
  • Pineapple Bun (with butter) 
  • Egglette
  • Peking Duck

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