Hong Kong Foodie 5: Gastronomous Anonymous

Gastronomous Anonymous Food Blog

This is the first in a series of posts where I will feature one of my favorite Hong Kong food bloggers. I’ve asked each of them the same five questions and will share their responses with you all.

Gastronomous Anonymous

According to her About Me page, Gastronomous Anonymous was born in Indonesia, but has lived in Syndey since she was 8. Recently she lived in Hong Kong for 10 months and has managed to write 124(!!!) posts about Hong Kong on her blog. It does make me wonder if she’s a little biased with her recommendation of the Australian Dairy Co, though. 😉 

Her posts have a  little personal background and are loaded with descriptions and mouth watering pictures. In addition, she is brave enough to take the occasional picture of the kitchen. Personally I’d be worried about being chased out with a cleaver trying to pull that off in Hong Kong.  She finishes posts with addresses and her 1-10 rating.

In addition to her blog, you can also follow her Twitter feed. The links in the following responses will take you to relevant posts on her blog.

1. What is the best place in HK for Noodles and BBQ?

  • Noodles: Nam Kee cheap and absolutely delicious.
  • Dumplings: Sam Tor: the most succulent and delicious dumplings.
  • Bbq Pork: Jasmine Place: dims sum in central but my goodness, their bbq pork is to die for!

2. Where should I go to grab a snack while Mrs A|T shops at Times Square?

  • Opposite times square there is a snack place – try their siu mays, beef balls and other snacks.
  • Café Corridor – get yourself a coffee.
  • Leighton Bakery for a quick snack
  • Food court in Times Square

3. Where is the best late night Milk Tea place?

4. Where is the best place in HK to go for dessert?

  • Auntie sweet for durian – must try! If you haven’t tried durian this is the place for it, but they do have other desserts.
  • lucky dessert
  • hui la san for gras jelly drinks.
  • Riquiqui: if you want something ‘fancier’ – a 3 course dessert

5. What is one thing (or more) that everyone coming to Hong Kong should eat?

  • Sister Wah: beef brisket at Tin Hau
  • Tim ho Wan: Dim sum – the cheapest in the world, queues are horrendous
  • Australian Diary Co: your typical HK style restaurant
  • Lan Fong Yuen: instant noodles with pan-fried chicken and they HK-style milked tea.
  • Tai Cheong: for their egg tarts
  • Tai Ping Koon: ‘western’ food to HKers. Try their chicken wings and soufflés.
  • Man Wah: if you wan fancy dim sum which is good!
  • Try a private kitchen: quite a different experience: Yellow Door Kitchen was a favourite of ours.
  • Gi Kee Restaurant: must eat above a wet market
  • Tim’s Kitchen:crab claw, goose and pomello skin – different but good!

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