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As we get closer to our Hong Kong trip it’s time to start looking for the latest food options. As usual I’ve tried to identify a bunch of Hong Kong food blogs to read through. My criteria for cutting down the list are as follows:

  1. It must be reasonably current (posts within the last couple of months)
  2. It must be in English (although I suspect the best ones aren’t)
  3. It must have more restaurant reviews than recipes

The following blogs have made my review list:

Cha Xiu Bao: One of the most mentioned HK Food Blogs that I could find and also one of the few that remain active from the last time I went to HK in 2009. It has kind of fallen behind on actual restaurant reviews, but it gets a pass due to longevity.

e*ting food: A clever name, lots of great pictures, and many up-to-date restaurant reviews. I will be visiting this site for sure. [Check out e*ting’s Foodie 5 responses]

Food of Hong Kong and Macau:  Strangely enough, this blog seems to be focusing on London restaurants right now, which is great because I can also use it for planning my London trip. There are also some very current Hong Kong restaurant reviews. Nice pictures, clear rating system. I also expect this to be a good source of info.

Geoff’s Twitchen: The layout of this blog is a little hard to navigate, but this looks like a blog that highlights lots of smaller locals places.

Hong Kong Food Blog: A little more on the basic side and with a focus on HK cuisine in general. Lots of information about different kinds of dishes that you’ll find in HK along with information on where to find it. This also looks like a great resource for those less familiar with Chinese food.

Life as a Bon Vivant: This site was pretty commonly mentioned online and for good reason. It is a pure simple HK restaurant review site with loads of reviews and gorgeous photos [check out Life as a Bon Vivant’s Foodie 5 responses].

Mochachocolata Rita: Mixture of reviews and recipes, with loads of reviews and of course great pictures. Bonus points for using the term “yummility” on the banner [check out Mochachocolate Rita’s Foodie 5 responses].

Tom Eats Jen Cooks: Beautiful layout, a little harder to navigate and more editorial than others, but still loads of great information [check out Tom Eats Jen Cooks Foodie 5 responses].

Jin Loves to Eat: I think the title says it all. Looks like reviews from all over the place, but a good number from HK.

Gastonomous Anonymous: Technically not a Hong Kong Food blog, but she’s just starting to blog about a trip to HK so the timing is good [check out Gastronomous Anonymous’ Foodie 5 responses].

Thats the first cut for now. I’m sure that I’ll find a few more as I go through these and keep looking.

15 thoughts on “Hong Kong Food Blogs

    • You’re welcome – thanks for putting together a great blog. I’ll probably ask you for a couple of recommendations in the next couple of weeks.

    • Australia is on my medium-term travel radar, although I hear that food is pretty expensive there. Is it true?

      Thanks for your offer to help with HK. I’m thinking of putting together list of questions to ask all the HK (and Sydney) Food Bloggers prior to my trip. I”ll make sure to run it past you.

  1. Hey – thanks for the email and I’ll send through my suggestions on where to eat in HK…

    But I should mention I just follow the other guys you have mentioned to places :). I’m far better on London but I think you have already done that.

    One suggestion is that Food of Hong Kong and Macau is the food blog by an Openrice write called HK Epicurus. Openrice is the equivalent of Yelp. If you look at his reviews on that there is a lot more rather excellent information.


    • Thanks for that! Oh, and I haven’t even started planning my eat-intery for London later this year. I might have to come back to you when I start looking up London food bloggers! 🙂

  2. Actually, HK Epicurus is the guy behind blog “Food of Hong Kong and Macau,” he just came back from London so most information is London based. Check out his Openrice page for more comprehensive information indeed.

  3. Thanks for the mentioning of my blog. Regarding the London blogs, arrghh, I am still going thru my Euro trip ones slowly abit behind times haha! Can’t keep up at all!

    Hope you have a great trip in London, and TomEats knows way more about London than I do, I wished I’d known him before I traveled there :S

    Kind regards,
    HK Epicurus

    • It’s a little out of date (July 2010) but I really like the layout. They make it easy to search for reviews by area or category. Hopefully they come back online before my next trip to HK! Thanks for the comment!

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