Hong Kong 2011 Eatinery

Har Gau Dim Sum

Thanks again to all the respondants to my Hong Kong Foodie 5 survey. I’ve entered some of the recommended places into Google Maps and I’ve found that there are a lot of places and they’re not easy to in Google. Regardless, you can use the map below to find a nearby Foodie 5 joint if you’re lost and hungry. I’ll try to update this with any other must-see/smell/taste spots as I find them so check back from time to time.

Update April 15 2012: Also Check out the Causeway Bay Dessert Tour.

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2 thoughts on “Hong Kong 2011 Eatinery

  1. This is great, thanks for putting it together and for all the bloggers who made such helpful responses. What I didn’t see was where you ended up going and what you liked best! Did I miss it?

    • No you didn’t miss it, I’ve just been very late in putting it together. More Hong Kong posts should show up in few weeks after I clear out some more stuff on my London trip. Thanks for the kind words!

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