Hawaiian Sunset Over Honolulu

One of the few planned days that I had on my Hawaii trip involved a tour that I booked with Oahu Photography Tours [www.oahuphotographytours.com]. While there are plenty of professional photographers out there who offer photo shoots with visitors to Hawaii I was surprised to find that there weren’t many places offering sightseeing tours with a focus on Photography. For the last part of the tour I took that day, our tour guide Alex brought us to a nice spot at the top of a hill just to the east of Diamond Head to take some shots of the sunset over the city.

We arrived around 30 minutes before sunset while the sky was still mostly a uniform pale blue. It was a perfect night with just enough cloud in the sky for the sun and the atmosphere to paint. As the Sun began to drop golden sun rays dominated the lower part of the sky.

Sunset Over Honolulu Hawaii

As the Sun progressed down the rest of the sky turned a deeper blue and started push down on the reds and oranges of day’s end. High, whispy clouds a little fruther to the west held briefly on to the last rays of white light.

Sun Setting Over Honolulu Hawaii

But as the Sun dipped below the horizon netiher the highest clouds nor even a helicopter could hold onto the light for very long.

Disappearing Sun Over Honolulu Hawaii

Finally, as the light of another day disappears it is replaced by the lights of the city. The sky looks bright again, but that’s only because this is a 20 second exposure.

Dusk Over Honolulu Hawaii

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17 thoughts on “Hawaiian Sunset Over Honolulu

  1. This is a fabulous sequence of sunset photos that you have captured. I love the one with the helicopter and the pink sky. Taking a sightseeing tour with an emphasis on photography would have been fun and given a new perspective on what you saw. Great idea!

  2. What an interesting series. I’ve only watched the sun set over the water and never thought of how it would look from some other perspective. Nice shots and I am such a lover of Honolulu that it made me ‘homesick’ for that beautiful town.

  3. Gorgeous sunset shots- I love how you caught it from several different times. I’m always one to stay long after most and savor the last bit of sun light.

  4. I love the idea of a photography day tour and if I’m not mistaken you did one in London when it rained??? They are all great shots but particularly like the one of the city lit up at night.

  5. The clouds are truly amazing, but my favorite picture is the last one. I love nighttime city shots, and Honolulu is such a beautiful city when it’s all lit up.

  6. I am always mesmerized by cities that have beautiful mountains in the background. It is quite the contrast, and I always enjoyed my morning view out the hotel overlooking the City with the Hawaiian landscape in the background.

  7. I think the city shot is my favorite. For some reason, I was surprised by all the tall buildings. I don’t know why I assumed it’d be a bunch of tropical huts even though it’s the capital. I haven’t taken any photography tours because all I have is a little point-and-shoot. But I’m such a rank beginner that I’m sure that just showing me how to use the manual adjustments would be a big improvement.

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