Fancy Street Food in LA at Susan Feniger’s Street

One of the stops on my Tourific Escapes [] LA Food Tour was Street [], a restaurant owned by Top Chef Master and Food Channel regular Susan Feniger [].

Susan Feniger's Street in Los Angeles

It only took me a few minutes to clue in to the fact that the restaurant is called Street because it is inspired by street food around the world. From Mediterranean meatballs, to Philipino Lumpia, Hawaiian Poke, and Southern Grits, you can sample some of the best snacks from around the world all in one place.

Above all the others, Street is most famous for Susan’s Kaya Toast, the dish that got her knives kicked off of Top Chef Masters [].

Susan Feniger Kaya Toast

Despite what the Top Chef judges thought, Susan is clearly a big fan of this dish and even provides the recipe and a history of it on her website []. Having tasted it myself, I can understand that the dish can catch you off-guard. The toast sandwiches a very strong and very sweet coconut jam and the dark soy adds a lot of salty umaminess to the egg. It’s a deceiving dish in that it looks like it will might be dainty and delicate but then bites every flavor receptor on your tongue when you eat it. The Kaya Toast is their best selling item, but then they push it pretty hard. That’s partially because it’s pretty good, but I suspect that they also want to shove it back into the faces of those Top Chef judges a little bit!

While on the food tour we also given a sampling of a number of wonderful dumplings, the best of which were the Mushroom Ravioli and these New Orleans Laundry Day Fritters:

Susan Feniger Street Fritters

We were also given a yummy Tamarind Ginger Cooler to wash it all down.

Susan Feniger Tamarind Ginger Cooler

It’s pretty much impossible to fully experience all of the tastes of Street in one visit so I went back the next day and tried the Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich and the Angry Eggs. the bun and all of the strong flavours in the sandwich hid the chicken a little more than I would have liked, but overall it was pretty tasty. The angry eggs were great!

Susan Feniger Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich

Street’s only downfall is that the broad spectrum of tastes they offer don’t lend themselves to building a single cohesive meal. I wouldn’t go there if I was looking for a normal meal, but if you felt adventurous and wanted to snack on a variety of great bites Street would be a must see in LA. It would also be a great place to bring someone if you weren’t sure what kind of food they’re into (date night!).

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8 thoughts on “Fancy Street Food in LA at Susan Feniger’s Street

  1. Kind of funny that street food is a way of getting great food outside of a restaurant and now this place takes it back in! The food looks awesome. I’d gladly try one of each.

    • This was a great food tour and I’d done another great one in Italy before. I’m a little on the fence about food tours in general because I think that you can do a lot of great research online and create pretty good tours yourself. For example, I looked into a couple of tours for my upcoming Hawaii trip but I’ve decided that I’ll roll my own tour this time.

      Having said that, both of the tours I`ve done provided great information and behind the scenes access that I wouldn’t easily have been able to get on my own. They also let you go in a group and sample a few bites of a lot of dishes, something that would be hard to do as small group or solo.

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