Announcing: Geotagging Tutorial Page Noticed a lot of stuff here about geotagging? I had so much fun testing/playing with this that I’ve consolidated the how-to posts into a single tutorial page.  Check it out if you are interested in adding location data to your travel photos! Click here or on the Tutorial tab in up at the top of the page.

Also, I received an email about an iPhone app called GeoLogTag. The app allows you to set GPS traces using your iPhone. iPhone can already geotag your iPhone pictures, so GeoLogTag is intended help add location data to pictures taken with your digital camera.  If you are a Mac + iPhone user you might want to take a look.

Thanks to the GeoLogTag website I also found some free GPS software called GeoSetter which looks like it can import track files and update EXIF data. According to the GeoSetter website it can also tag RAW files and looks like it has maps built in. I hope to give it a test drive sometime in the next couple of weeks. Look for another How-to if I like it!

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