Travel Photo Thursday: Roman Street Food

Roasted Chestnuts in Rome

This Travel Photo Thursday shot was taken on our whirlwind 5-hour tour of Rome as part of a Mediterranean cruise. Most of my shots are pretty standard tourist fare, but for some reason I really like this one of chestnuts on a street cart.  Around here you only get roasted chestnuts in the winter so it was a bit strange to find these on a hot summer day. We couldn’t resist the nice sweet mellow aroma and bought a bag.

Travel Photo Thursday is hosted by Budget Traveler’s Sandbox. Check it out for more great photos from other travellers! Bonus shots from Rome below.

Aren't you a little big to be a scooter?

With one of these guys you could find parking anywhere in North America.

Roman Pizza

This is where I discovered real Italian mozzarella. They’re kind of hard to see but the slices on the far left were a true pizza revelation to me. I’ve come close to recreating the fresh flavors back home, but I haven’t quite got it right yet. It’s the sauce.

10 thoughts on “Travel Photo Thursday: Roman Street Food

    • Thanks for visiting and for taking part in Travel Photo Thursday! Rome is pretty expensive but it is dripping with history.

    • We stopped into that little shop while looking for the Trevi Fountain. I thought it would be kind of a tourist trap but the food was great!

  1. Great shot of those chestnuts…I love the composition! Here in California we never see roasting nuts (winter or summer). And to answer your question on my travel photo of the Granada streetlights–yes, the whole street is lined with them and they are fully operational! 🙂

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