Tim Zagat Rates Vancouver’s Best Restaurants

Thanks to our friends at Gadling again for this article about Top Vancouver Recommendations from Tim Zagat of Zagat Survey fame.

A bit of a surprise on the list is that he listed the Keg Steakhouse as the #2 most popular. There’s nothing wrong with the Keg Steakhouse (in fact I eat there at least a few times every year) but it’s a case of one of these things is not like the others. They’re the only chain restaurant listed. They do pretty good steaks in a casual environment without the high prices or ‘all sides extra’ philosophy of your typical steakhouse.

In celebration of the Olympics, Zagat has released FREE online rankings for restaurants, night spots, hotels, and attractions.  Browsing through the food rankings I also found another surprise: The top restaurant rated for food is La Belle Auberge in Ladner.

Ladner is a nice little community in the South Delta region of Vancouver. My family has a long history in Ladner, but it would have been just about the last place that I would have guessed to have the top rated Zagat restaurant in town. Good on you Ladnerites! Time to see about a reservation…

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