Must See Travel TV: Departures Season 3 Premiere March 6th

My favorite travel show Departures is coming back to OLN next month.  Tune in at 10pm on March 6th to see the season premiere.

Season 3 starts off with the crew enduring winter in Russia to continue another year-long adventure into some of the most difficult and unexplored countries on the planet. In the premiere episode of Departures Justin and Scott travel to the Ukraine and visit the last man still living in the radioactive zone in Chernobyl. Meeting up with local guide Bogdan, the group visits St. Petersburg for home-made vodka and Bogdan’s birthday party, before hopping on an overnight train to Moscow. A drive in a military tank and some Russian storytelling helps them get through the sleepless nights on their way east towards Siberia. Here they meet an authentic shaman, who puts them all to shame on the dance floor.

If you still haven’t caught the show yet, check out this eTalk clip about it.

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