Monmouth Coffee and Borough Market

As I stated on my Eatinerary [], I ended up going to Borough Market twice on my trip to London this year. We met up with friends there on a Friday at noon and were pleased to find that the market was not packed liked sardines as it is on the weekend.

Monmouth Coffee Board at Borough Market

As is our tradition, we met up at Monmouth Coffee [], commonly accepted as one of the best places in London to get your caffiene fix in. Try the Flat White, which is an Australian creation that falls somewhere between a cappuccino and a latte with a tighter foam.

Monmouth Coffee at Borough Market

The queue at Monmouth typically runs well out the door but luckily it moves reasonably quickly. They periodically send a runner out to take orders from the line-up so that your order is ready just as you arrive at the cash register.

Monmouth Coffee Queue at Borough Market

I take very few pictures at the market because I’m too busy actually looking at and eating as much of the available food as possible! Two of my favorites are the grilled scallops served on the half shell with sprouts and bacon from Shell Seekers []  and the raw oysters and clams from Richard Haward’s Oyster stand [].

Crew from Olivology at Borough Market

We went back to the market again on Saturday morning. Arriving at 9:30 in the morning we once again were able to avoid the crowds. While at the market we met Ben (on the left) from Olivology [] who chatted with us about where to eat in London.

Unfortunately a few of my favorite stalls are no longer at the market due in part to some railway construction happening in the area. The construction combined with increased rents and a drop in demand for specialy foods due to the economy has lead to some controversy about how management has handled things recently []. The London Evening Standard even questions whether Borough Market is under the threat of extinction [].

Despite the sometimes crowds and the loss of some vendors, Borough Market is still my favorite market to visit due to the varied selection and the amount of cooked foods and samples avaialble to experience. As a tourist please support the market by taking more than just pictures – take the time to support the vendors by buying their goods. Prepared foods and snacks can be enjoyed right away and many vendors sell goods that can be easily brought home.

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Borough Market Sign


Flowerpot Bread at Borough Market


Bread at Borough Market



15 thoughts on “Monmouth Coffee and Borough Market

  1. I can see myself getting lost here for many a day. Like you, i’d be too busy eating to take photos!
    Some great shots here. I’m just on my way out to breakfast, so those food shots have set my stomach growling.

    Congrats on being the first contributor to this weeks Travel Photo Thursday!

  2. Will keep this spot in mind whenever I travel to London next! I like that they keep the lines moving quickly despite their length. Must be good if people are willing to wait like that. 🙂

  3. I love snacking at the Borough Market, especially on weekdays since, like you said, it’s not too crowded. It’s by far the best place in London to buy cheese and people watch! Definitely a favourite spot here in London.

  4. I would love to try Monmouth Coffee but I’m not sure that I could talk my family into standing in line for me to get my fix. I will definitely add the Borough Market to my list of places we need to visit the next time that we are in London.

    • They actually have 3 locations, although I don’t know if they would have shorter lines – especially since one is at Covent Garden! Their flat white is great if you like milk in your coffee.

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