Magnificent Monday: The Cycle of Life

I’m sharing my Magnificent Monday post at Holes in My Soles [] . Pop in, join in or just follow the links to other great stories and pics! This week’s theme is the cycle of life and I’ve selected this street shot taken in Barcelona by my then 3 year old son. I believe that it was taken out the side window of our tour bus.

Barcelona as seen by a 3 year old

My sister was kind enough to give him an old digital camera to get the next generation of photo-traveller started. It was fun to see things from his perspective and to get some insight into what he thought was interesting!

Bonus shots:

Barcelona Spain

Barcelona Spain

Sagrada Família Barcelona Spain

5 thoughts on “Magnificent Monday: The Cycle of Life

  1. Thanks for joining Magnificent Monday Ryan and a very good post to link in with contrasts between old and new in Barcelona architecture. Gee, we were on Gaudi’s cathedral in ’74 and it has progressed a wee bit since then!

  2. I’m not sure whether my comment has been successfully posted or not… but here I go again.

    I commend your child for all the lovely images he/she took… 🙂 they are larger than life…

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